Saturday, September 22, 2012

Grasp Your Fashion Statement

Part I - Accessories

Retro angel wings necklace for 120 AED - (SOLD OUT)

Owl mosaic necklace for 80 AED

Collar necklace for 90 AED

Half Moon necklace for 100 AED

Spikes Bracelet by 45 AED

Python collar necklace for 120 AED

Feathers Spikes Skull necklace for 110 AED

Retro Diamond necklace for 80 AED

Retro Flower necklace for 110 AED

Retro Owl for 80 AED

Retro collar necklace for 110 AED

Retro Diamonds Angel Wings necklace for 80 AED

These items can be purchased directly from me. More details plz email me at:
(I do only local delivery - in the future international shippments would be introduced) 

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