Saturday, September 22, 2012

Being Girly...Being Wild

Part - III - Accessories

Owl bracelet for 45 AED

Mustache ring for 35 AED

Deer ring for 35 AED (SOLD OUT)

Audrey Hepburn for 35 AED
Lion head ring for 35 AED

Angel Wings earrings for 35 AED

Claw Ring for 40 AED

Peacock ring for 45 AED

Bronze Owl earrings for 35 AED

Skeleton ring for 35 AED

Eye rings..each is for 50 AED

Vintage bracelet for 45 AED

These items can be purchased directly from me. More details plz email me at:
(I only do local delivery in UAE - International shipments would be introduced soon)

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